In an era marked by war, economic turmoil, mass migration, and natural disasters, anxiety and fear pervade our lives, regardless of where we live. Attempts to suppress these feelings with distractions like the Internet, work, or tranquilizers provide only temporary relief. The faster we run from fear, the stronger and more obsessive it becomes. What should we do? The best approach is to stop and face the fear. How can we make fear afraid of us and leave us alone? Vadim Dekhtyar provides the answer in his remarkable book, Conquering Fear, a unique work that stands apart from any other on the topic.

Hysteria was a very common condition in the 19th century. The 20th century saw an increase in depressive disorders. The 21st century is characterized by internal restlessness, anxiety, and a constant sense of impending disaster. “Conquering Fear” addresses these modern afflictions head-on, offering a comprehensive guide to understanding and overcoming them.

This book takes a multifaceted approach. Firstly, it is a compelling life story that reveals the twists and turns of Vadim’s journey to becoming a Master. Secondly, it serves as an encyclopedia of carefully selected, most effective techniques for urgent psychological help, akin to a cookbook: follow the recipes and enjoy the results. Lastly, reading this book is akin to undergoing deep hypnotic trance therapy—your subconscious addresses your most crucial problems, and your fear and anxiety begin to dissolve.

Vadim has distilled various practices, techniques, & exercises from best achievements of renowned NLP masters & other psychological schools with whom he had the privilege to study personally. This invaluable experience is shared within the book, with each practical tool presented step-by-step for readers, making the book a unique “self-help guide” for self-discovery, leading not only to the dissolution of all types of fears but also to a truly joyful, fulfilling, and happy life.

The structure of “Conquering Fear” is thoughtfully divided into three parts: Part One delves into scientific theories about fear, its origins, and its mechanisms. Part Two provides practical tools and techniques for confronting and overcoming fear. Part Three explores the various “masks of fear,” helping readers to recognize and dismantle the disguises that fear often wears. This well-organized approach ensures that readers can understand fear comprehensively, apply effective strategies to overcome it, and recognize its subtle forms in their daily lives.

The narrative style of the book is engaging and straightforward, making it a compelling read that transcends the typical “psychology manual.” Vadim’s extensive experience working with people seeking help, as well as participants in his training seminars, has enabled him to present even complex scientific theories and developments in the most accessible language, alongside clear practices. The text is rich with fascinating facts, gripping yet realistic stories, numerous illustrations, & several profound parables. Some readers might even begin to notice internal changes simply by reading the book. Overall, it is aimed at the widest audience ready to significantly improve their quality of life by “dealing” with their fears.

“Conquering Fear” offers profound insights for anyone looking to understand and overcome their fears. Vadim shares with readers the best of what he has learned, realized, and invented. As we journey through life, overcoming numerous trials, fears, and dangers to know ourselves and become better, we often do so unconsciously. With “Conquering Fear,” readers can become true conscious “navigators” of their destiny, actively steering it towards daily joy and fulfillment. This is a profound book for the thoughtful reader. Read, enjoy, and employ! Life is too short to allow it to be bad.