THC gummies are chewy, fruit-flavored candies made with cannabis extracts, most commonly tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) oil derived from marijuana plants. THC gives users the classic marijuana “high” by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. The oil is carefully measured and infused into gummy mixtures made of gelatin, pectin, or another substance. It allows the THC to evenly bind throughout the batch.

Manufacturers offer gummies in endless varieties – different shapes like worms, bears, and tropical fruits, sizes from small to giant, and flavors from classic sweet like cherry, lemon, and watermelon to savory like pizza, champagne, and margarita. You’ll even find sugar-free THC gummies for health-conscious users. Potencies range widely too, with most gummies containing from 2mg to 50mg THC per piece. This allows consumers to find the perfect dose for their individual needs and tolerance. For new THC users, it’s best to start very low, around 2-5mg, and give the gummies time to take effect before increasing dosage.

Why are edibles growing in popularity?

Cannabis edibles aren’t new by any means. Stories of “magic” brownies have been around for decades. But, Colorado’s legalization of recreational weed back in 2014 ushered in a new era of cannabis products. By making previously taboo plant medicine accessible, regulated, and mainstream, the state paved the way for a booming edibles market. Edibles appeal for so many reasons. Ingesting cannabis allows the body to metabolize THC differently than inhaling smoke. Effects come on slower, peak lower, and last longer. For many, this leads to a smoother, more manageable high.

Why do users love THC gummies so much?

  • Predictable dosing – Gummies manufacturers have honed the infusing process down to the precision of a science. Known quantities of THC distillate are worked into batches evenly, allowing easy division into accurate doses. It takes any guesswork out of getting your perfect high. Plus gummies makers offer a wide range of potencies from microdosing levels up to extra strength.
  • Fun flavors – Gelatin and fruit pectins simply make the ideal palate for flavor infusion. Manufacturers offer every rainbow color and fruit flavor imaginable, plus exotic options like champagne, peanut butter and jelly, and more. The flavor profiles completely mask any hint of raw cannabis botanic taste some find unpleasant.
  • Consistent onset – Compared to homemade edibles, commercially produced thc gummies bring reliability with the timing of effect onset, peak high, and come down each phase lasts 1-2 hours. With baked goods like brownies, the waiting game for activation can be unpredictable and intense once it hits. Gummies give a more controlled experience.
  • Low mess, no prep – From making cannabutter to baking treats, creating edibles at home is a labor of love. Packaged gummies mean no prep work, no sticky mess, no complicated math, and no baking fails. Just open the package and pop your ready-to-eat THC candy.
  • Long shelf life – With the addition of preservatives and proper storage conditions, commercially produced gummies deliver their fresh flavor and full potency for many months or longer.

While smoking and vaping certainly have their place in cannabis culture, gummies provide a tasty alternative even non-enthusiasts get behind. When paired with mindful consumption habits, there’s little downside to find with these sweet chewy delights.