You’ve likely heard the phrase, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” While it might sound like a poetic metaphor, there’s a grain of truth hidden within those words. The study of eyes physiognomy (หาง ตา ตก โหง ว เฮ้ ง, which is the term in Thai) takes this idea a step further, asserting that the shape, size, and even color of your eyes can reveal intricate details about your personality, emotions, and even your potential for success. Intrigued? Read on to unravel the fascinating world of eyes physiognomy.

What is Eyes Physiognomy?

Physiognomy is the practice of assessing a person’s character or personality from their outer appearance—especially the face. Eyes physiognomy narrows down this ancient practice to focus solely on the eyes. It combines the tenets of psychology, traditional wisdom, and even a pinch of folklore to interpret human emotions and traits.

Decoding The Shapes

Let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of it all. There are various eye shapes—almond, round, monolid, etc.—and each comes with its own set of characteristics.

  • Almond Eyes: Often associated with mystery and seductiveness. People with almond eyes are considered to be balanced and well-proportioned in character.
  • Round Eyes: Seen as open and friendly. Individuals with round eyes are believed to be emotional, compassionate, and full of youthful curiosity.
  • Monolid Eyes: Tend to be attributed to determination and focus, but can sometimes be mistakenly interpreted as a lack of emotion.

The Size Matters Too

Not just the shape, the size of your eyes can say a lot too.

  • Large Eyes: Linked to openness, receptivity, and compassion.
  • Small Eyes: Often correlated with shrewdness, focus, and analytical skills.

The Role of Color

Yes, the color of your eyes plays a part in the narrative of eyes physiognomy.

  • Brown Eyes: Commonly seen as dependable, earthy, and strong-willed.
  • Blue Eyes: Often linked to innocence, but also to a kind of otherworldly insight or wisdom.
  • Green Eyes: Seen as exotic and mysterious, green eyes are often attributed to creative and adaptive individuals.


Whether you’re a skeptic or an enthusiast, the world of eyes physiognomy offers an exciting lens to explore human personality and emotion. While it might not be a foolproof method to understand someone fully, it’s a fascinating starting point to delve deeper into the complexities of human nature.